All-State and team results from the CNISSF Championships at Mammoth Mountain

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Mount Shasta Herald

Women’s Top 10 All-State Snowboard team

1st, Kristen Harvey, Truckee, 147.64; 2nd, Caty O’Connor, Placer, 154.70; 3rd, Sam Dellantonio, Amador, 151.25; 4th, Kaylee Taylor, Mammoth Lakes, 164.02; 5th, Kathleen Barney, MS, 164.54; 6th, Emma Obray, Placer, 164.63; 7th Shelbi Slabaugh, Weed, 164.96; 8th, Tara Turpin, North Tahoe, 165.31; 9th, Tia Villani, Yreka, 165.29; 10th, Jenna Burnside, North Tahoe, 167.37.

Women’s Snowboard Team Standings

1st, Placer, 722 pts.; 2nd, Mount Shasta, 691 pts.; 3rd, Truckee, 681 pts.; 4th, North Tahoe, 681 pts.; 5th, Mammoth Lakes, 677 pts.; 6th, El Dorado, 659 pts.; 7th, Colfax, 651 pts.; 8th, Yreka, 635 pts.; 9th, Oak Ridge, 622 pts.; 10th, Chico, 622 pts.; 11th, Weed, 598 pts.; 12th, Davis, 556 pts.; 13th, Rim of the World, 488 pts.; 14th, Pleasant Valley, 483 pts.; 15th, Shasta, 457 pts.; 16th, Amador, 434 pts.; 17th, Ponderosa, 434 pts.; 18th, Red Bluff, 405 pts.; 19th, Union Mine, 379 pts.; 20th, Bishop, 353 pts.; 21st, Bear River, 312 pts.; 22nd, Lone Pine, 244 pts.; 23rd, Butte Valley, 174 pts.; 24th, Enterprise, 158 pts.; 25th, Foothill, 123 pts.; 26th, Nevada Union, 118 pts.

Men’s Top 10 All-State Snowboard Team

1st, Paul Kamisky, Davis, 139.36; 2nd, Curtis Pry, Foothill, 139.65; 3rd, Ryan Conroy, Chico, 140.47; 4th, Alex Thompson, Mammoth Lakes, 140.47; 5th, Mike Pisano, Yreka, 144.05; 6th, Nate Horn, North Tahoe, 146.66; 7th, Wesley Jacobs, Ponderosa, 147.56; 8th, Kolby Olson, Nevada Union, 148.48; 9th, Ben Reilly, North Tahoe, 150.11; 10th, Russ Janicki, Oak Ridge, 150.53.

Men’s Snowboard Team Standings

1st, Chico, 692 pts.; 2nd, Placer, 647 pts.; 3rd, El Dorado, 632 pts.; 4th, Shasta, 631 pts.; 5th, North Tahoe, 618 pts.; 6th, Ponderosa, 615 pts.; 7th, Bear River, 613 pts.; 8th, Davis, 607 pts.; 9th, Mammoth Lakes, 597 pts.; 10th, Weed, 579 pts.; 11th, Oak Ridge, 578 pts.; 12th, Etna, 568 pts.; 13th, Foothill, 556 pts.; 14th, Truckee, 552 pts.; 15th, Nevada Union, 540 pts.; 16th, Union Mine, 535 pts.; 17th, Colfax, 471 pts.; 18th, Yreka, 471 pts.; 19th, Chester, 467 pts.; 20th, Rim of the World, 432 pts.; 21st, Pleasant Valley, 381 pts.; 22nd, Butte Valley, 356 pts.; 23rd, Mount Shasta, 335 pts.; 24th, Enterprise, 314; 25th, Amador, 283 pts.; 26th, Bishop, 272 pts.; 27th, Lone Pine, 250 pts.; 28th, Capital Christian, 228 pts.; 29th, Sacramento, 166 pts.; 30th, NAWA Academy, 114 pts.; 31st, Mercy, 108 pts.; 32nd, Corning, 90 pts.

Women’s Top 10 Ski Team

1st, Karly Kenworthy, Placer, 237 pts.; 2nd, Emily Hay, Davis, 237 pts.; 3rd, Alyssa Winkelman, Mount Shasta, 235 pts.; 4th, Allison Gutierrez, Colfax, 230 pts.; 5th, Erika Kimball, Yreka, 229 pts.; 6th, Olivia Franco, El Dorado, 228 pts.; 7th, Jessica Arechiga, Mammoth Lakes, 228 pts.; 8th, Paige Rothe, Placer, 224 pts.; 9th, Nichole Bajka, Colfax, 223 pts.; 10th, Margaret O’Neil, Ferndale, 221 pts.

Women’s Ski Team Standings

1st, Placer, 679 pts.; 2nd, Mount Shasta, 660 pts.; 3rd, El Dorado, 656 pts.; 4th, Colfax, 607 pts.; 5th, Davis, 607 pts.; 6th, Mammoth Lakes, 598 pts.; 7th Nevada Union, 587 pts.; 8th, Yreka, 516 pts.; 9th, Ponderosa, 499 pts.; 10th, Red Bluff, 432, 11th, Bear River, 409 pts.; 12th, Bishop, 398 pts.; 13th, Quincy, 380 pts.; 14th, Union Mine, 366 pts.; 15th, Foothill, 356.; 16th, Oak Ridge, 334 pts.; 17th, Weed, 308 pts.; 18th, Pleasant Valley, 278 pts.; 19th, Chico, 256 pts.; 20th, Etna, 222 pts.; 21st, Ferndale, 221 pts.; 22nd, Portola, 196 pts.; 23rd, Shasta, 187 pts.; 24th, Amador, 130 pts.; 25th, Chester, 125 pts.; 26th, Rim of the World, 67 pts.; 27th, Surprise Valley, 62 pts.

Men’s Top 10 All-State Ski Team

1st, Kenny Wilson, Chester, 239 pts.; 2nd, Richard O’Brian, Davis, 236 pts.; 3rd, John Flanigan, Nevada Union, 236 pts.; 4th, Tim Berrey, Bishop, 231 pts.; 5th, Chase Shirley, Portola, 230 pts.; 6th, Stephen Matzat, Ponderosa, 227 pts.; 7th, Eric Hake, Mount Shasta, 223 pts.; 8th, Samuel Wright, Ponderosa, 222 pts.; 9th, David Carter, Mount Shasta, 222 pts.; 10th, Nolan Helmus, Davis, 220 pts.

Men’s Ski Team Standings

1st, Davis, 684 pts.; 2nd, Ponderosa, 643 pts.; 3rd, Mount Shasta, 640 pts.; 4th, Nevada Union, 602 pts.; 5th, Mammoth Lakes, 546 pts.; 6th, El Dorado, 544 pts.; 7th, Colfax, 529 pts.; 8th, Quincy, 503 pts.; 9th, Oak Ridge, 500 pts.; 10th, Portola, 472 pts.; 11th, Chico, 442 pts.; 12th, Chester, 440 pts.; 13th, Yreka, 433 pts.; 14th, Bishop, 433 pts.; 15th, Union Mine, 400 pts.; 16th, Pleasant Valley, 372 pts.; 17th, Plaer, 366 pts.; 18th, Golden Sierra, 350 pts.; 19th, Shasta, 348 pts.; 20th, Rim of the World, 286 pts.; 21st, Sacramento, 196 pts.; 22nd, Red Bluff, 192,; 23rd, Foothill, 170 pts.; 24th, Bear River, 150 pts.; 25th, Weed, 137 pts.; 26th, Amador, 126 pts.; 27th, Enterprise, 106 pts.; 28th, Etna, 87 pts.