Hake brings medals home from USASA Nationals in Colorado

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Eric Hake of Mount Shasta with two of the USASA national championship medals he earned at Copper Mountain in Colorado April 3-9.

Who: Eric Hake, a member of the state champion Mount Shasta High School ski racing team.

What: Qualified for USASA (United States of American Snowboard Association) Nationals for 16-18 Men Skiers. (Included 1,524 competitors, ages 7 to 76, boarders and skiers from 32 regional leagues throughout the United States).

How: Competed in the USASA “Enter The Dragon” series at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Ore., January through March 2010. Placed 1st for 16-18 year old skier men for three events each for Halfpipe & Slope Style and 2 events for Skier Cross.

When: USASA Nationals, April 3-9, 2010.

Where: Copper Mountain, Colorado

Places earned at USASA Nationals 2010:

• 2nd place in Half Pipe,

• 2nd place in Skier Cross, and

• 6th place in Slope Style.

•erall for 16-18 skier men.

Half Pipe description: 22 feet height pipe

Eric did not have the most technical tricks, but had a clean run with extreme height (8 to 10 feet out of the pipe), while showing back to back spins, spinning both directions.

Skier Cross Description: Eric won the time trails, then proceeded to win each of the next two heats. Each heat had 4 skiers starting at the same time. The third and final heat, Eric placed 2nd.

Slope Style Description: Consisted of 3 jumps, each 35-45 feet in length, and three box/rails

What’s Next: FreeStyle Dry Land Training at Mt. Shasta Gymnastics. Eric as assistant coach with Melissa Marconi as coach. Session 1 in May. Multiple sessions during the summer and Weed Skate Park weekend family picnic sessions.

For information, contact Eric at 926-3641.

For a video of Eric in action, visit the website:?

Eric Hake of Mount Shasta, right, with a second place medal at the USASA national championships at Copper Mountain in Colorado April 3-9.