Seven under par wins McCloud Open

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Mount Shasta Herald
Among the top finishers in this year’s McCloud Open were, left to right, Dan Martinez, 75-73-148; Mason Hanson, 73-73-146; overall champion Tobin Scott, 66-71-137 and John Serna, 73-7-144

The best score in the 36-hole 2010 McCloud Open, a seven-under par 137 by Tobin Scott of Roseville, was the best score tournament director Bill Michelon can remember.

Scott, a scratch golfer, shot six-under 66 on Saturday July 31, then finished with a 71 Sunday Aug. 1

He finished six shots better than the next best score, a one-under par 143 by Jim McKenna.

Seventy-one players participated in the Northern California Golf Association points tournament, including many from the Chico area, Michelon said. “The course was in great shape. We had a good week.”

McCloud Golf Club shop manager Craig Julin called Scott’s winning score “pretty impressive.”

“It’s a very difficult golf course,” said Julin. “In the last few years we’ve had only one or two guys break par around here.”

“The two days were great,” said Scott, who was playing the McCloud Open for the second time. Last year he tied for second place. “The first day I kind’a struggled  coming down the stretch, but Sunday I was very consistent and steady. That was enough to get the job done.”

“Our course is in great shape, thanks to grounds superintendent Willis Leach,” said Julin. “Many of the players commented on how nice the greens looked.”

Julin said the NCGA puts on many tournaments in Northern California. Players accrue points during the season, “and the winner gets his picture in the NCGA Golf magazine, the pride and glory, and gift certificates.”

Following is a list of gross scores for the tournament in each of four flights.

McCloud Open 2010, hosted by McCloud Golf Club

1st flight – 1st, Tobin Scott, 137; 2nd, Jim McKenna, 143; 3rd, Johnny Serna, 144; 4th, Dave Koistinen, 145; 5th, Mason Hanson, 146; 6th, Daniel Martinez, 148; 7th, Carl Selkirk, 152; 8th, (Tie) Jeff Nedved, Jim Clark, Jim Sands, 154; 11th, Mike Mikkola, 156; 12th, Bill Moyer, 158; 13th, Michael Behnke, 160; 14th, Brian Walsh, 164; 15th, Dale Hurford, 165; 16th, Dan Trevethick, 178.

2nd flight – 1st, Ron Martinez, 157; 2nd, Jim Adsit, 159; 3rd, (Tie) Allan Stephenson, James Bailey, Phil Jones, 161; 6th, Robert Hubbard, 162; 7th, Curtis Behnke, 163; 8th, (Tie) Craig Fellner, George Clements, Mike Ervin, Rob Dunn, 164; 12th, (Tie) Phil Rawson, Tom Redding, 165; 14th, (Tie) Denny Varley, Rick Laine, 166; 16th, Rick Wagner, 172; 17th, Craig Julin, 173; 18th, Tim Brooks, 175.

3rd flight – 1st, Curtis McNutt, 153; 2nd, Art Gausemel, 165; 3rd, Gary Pederson, 169; 4th, Jack Pryde, 170; 5th, (Tie) Jerry Lee Ford, Mark streets, 171; 7th, Dave Behnke, 172; 8th, Frank Neth, 173; 9th, Jim Pincin, 175; 10th, Jim McArdle, 177; 11th, (Tie) Danny Hansen, David Burcell, 178; 13th, Greg Gatlin, 181; 14th, Bill Ide, 183; 15th, Dennis Hurford, 186; 16th, Douglas B. Purdy, 187; 17th, John Goodes, 189; 18th, Richard Attinger, 200.

4th flight – 1st, Don Hurford, 181; 2nd, Steve Scott, 184; 3rd, Cliff Hanson, 185; 4th, Michael Mei, 186; 5th, Ken Nicholas, 187; 6th, (Tie) John McGaughey, Nick Feuillardet, 189; 8th, Paul R. Castillo, 190; 9th, Jerry Mullins, 198; 10th, Bob Green, 199; 11th, Ron Dunlap, 203; 12th, Ken Behnke, Ray Twitchell, 204; 14th, Ed Cahill, 208; 15th, Leonard Park, 213; 16th, Ronald M. Hitchcock, 216.