Mount Shasta football returning to Shasta Cascade League in 2014

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Mount Shasta High School administrators and supporters are celebrating this year's American Conference realignment process – through which medium sized schools adjust leagues due to changes in enrollment.

In 2014, Mount Shasta's football team will be back in the Shasta Cascade League.

For many years Bear Football has played in the Sacramento Valley League with Live Oak, Willows, Durham, Trinity and Pierce.

It has been a tough road against schools with larger enrollments. Over the last few years, Mount Shasta's enrollment dipped low enough to build a case to propose moving back into the SCL with Burney, Etna, Fall River, Modoc and Weed, like they are in most other sport programs.

Athletic director Steve Nesheim wrote a proposal using enrollment, travel and four years of competitive inequity as evidence of the move being warranted. He said he had a lot of help writing the proposal from head football coach Jason Young and his staff, SUHSD board member and former principal Gregg Gunkel, Weed High School Principal and SUHSD Superintendent Mike Matheson and MSHS Principal Jennifer McKinnon.

When McKinnon, Matheson and Gunkel accompanied Nesheim to the realignment meeting Jan. 30, they anticipated more resistance from SCL schools than was received. In the end the other SCL schools decided to go along with MSHS being reinstated into the SCL for football, along with the changes made in the overall American Conference Football realignment package, Nesheim said.

The change of league will begin in 2014; realignment cycles are a two year process. That means the football program will have to compete for one more season in the SVL.

That means Mount Shasta's current sophomores and freshmen will be the first to compete against SCL schools for league competition.