Ski Park races honor legacy of Phil Holecek

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On the podium during the Phil Holecek races this past weekend at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park, from left to right, Dava Munyon MSST, age 9, from San Francisco, Faith Hansel, age 9, Medford, OR and Kariana Austbo, age 9, both girls from Mt. Ashland Race Association.

The man who had the vision, drive and dedication to build the Mt. Shasta Ski Park was honored in the annual Phil Holecek Race this past weekend at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park. More than 125 racers, coaches and parents came to the Park to honor Holecek and vie for The Siskiyou Cup.

Teams from Mt. Ashland and Willamette Pass competed with Mt. Shasta racers to earn points for the Siskiyou Cup, which is awarded to the ski team that earns the most points over a series of three races.

The Phil Holecek is the first qualifying race. It will be followed by the Peter Lorincz Race at Willamette Pass Feb. 16 and 17 and the Keiser Cup at Mt. Ashland Feb. 23 and 24.

Saturday's giant slalom featured 67 racers from age 5 to 67. Mt. Shasta Ski Team members reached the podium in the following age categories:

• U10 Girls: Dava Munyon (2nd)

• U10 Boys: Cooper Laloli (1st), Jake Cuzick (2nd)

• U12 Girls: Lily Ramus (3rd)

• U14 Boys: Sam Chase (1st), Paul Pressman (2nd) Mitchell Savarese (3rd)

• U14 Girls: Wren Williams (2nd)

• U18 Boys: Travis Mayer (1st).

"The snow conditions were perfect for Sunday's slalom race," stated Mario Marchi, regional elite coach for the Mt. Shasta Ski Team. "The course was quick, the race went smooth and everyone was happy, especially since everyone wanted to go home and watch the Super Bowl!"

On Sunday, MSST racers placed in the following:

• U8 Boys: Bronko Briggs (1st)

• U10 Girls: Dava Munyon (2nd)

• U10 Boys: Cooper Laloli (1st)

• U12 Girls: Lily Ramus (3rd)

• U16 Boys: Travis Mayer (1st)

2013 Phil Holecek race results for MSST

Giant slalom

Class AU10 – 2nd, Dava Munyon, 2:09.71; 4th, Ayanna Compton, 2:22.29; 7th, Audrey Vierra, 2:24.65; 9th, Madeline Towner, 3:43.90.

Class BU10 – 1st, Cooper Laloli, 1:44.47; 2nd, Jake Cuzick, 1:59.27; 5th, Branko Briggs, 2:44.09; 8th, Zach Staszel, 5:04.70.

CU12 – 3rd, Lily Ramos, 2:13.07; 6th, Heather Cook, 2:25.55; 7th, Jessica Mayer, 2:26.62.

DU12 – 1st, Sam Chase, 1:42.86; 5th, Chase Tiffany, 2:02.34; 8th, Ethan Cruse, 3:05.15.

EU14 – 2nd, Wren Williams, 1:52.03; 5th, Elyssa Cook, 2:17.70; 6th, Maddie McDonald, 3:12.03.

FU14 – 1st, Paul Pressman, 1:46.67; 2nd, Mitchell Savarese, 1:49.81.

GU18 – 3rd, Margaret Pressman, 1:45.23.

NU80 – 2nd, Rick Hoelzer, 1:48.89; 4th, Bill Cunha, 2:02.71.

Giant slalom combined top 10

5th, Sam Chase, DU12, 1:42.86; 7th, Cooper Laloli, BU10, 1:44.47; 8th, Margaret Pressman, GU18, 1:45.23; 10th, Paul Pressman, FU14, 1:46.67.


AU10 – 2nd, Dava Munyon, 2:27.63; 4th, Ayanna Compton, 2:41.49.

BU10 – 1st, Cooper Laloli, 1:50.59.

CU12 – 3rd, Lily Ramus, 2:22.79; 5th, Heather Cook, 2:29.13; 6th, Jessica Mayer, 2:31.30.

EU14 – 4th, Elyssa Cook, 2:30.22.

FZU16 – 1st, Travis Mayer, 2:22.52.

NU80 – 1st, Greg Hendrix, 1:29.89.

aBU8 – 1st, Branko Briggs, 3:30.04.

Slalom combined top 10

1st, Greg Hendrix, NU80, 1:29.89; 5th, Cooper Laloli, BU10, 1:50.59.

Phil Holecek

Phil Holecek (1948-1998) once raced for College of the Siskiyous and was considered by many to be one of the best COS athletes ever, according to information provided by the Mt. Shasta Ski Team. Holecek loved the mountain and the community. After the original ski area at the old Ski Bowl at the top of Everitt Memorial Highway was wiped out by an avalanche in 1978, Holecek's passion led to the design and completion of the Ski Park.

In 1979, Holecek, Kirt Brown and Leif Voeltz were backcountry skiing from the old Ski Bowl to Grey Butte. As they peered over what is now the Coyote Butte, Holecek said, "This would make a great little Sun Valley," referring to the famous Sun Valley Ski Resort in Idaho. His skiing companions initially declared him nuts. He did not listen to his pals and went on to lead the design and gather investors and builders to complete his vision. The site was surveyed in 1984 and in 1986 the Mt. Shasta Ski Park opened. Holecek died of cancer in 1998.

Upcoming races

The next race at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park will the be the fifth race for high school divisions North 1 and North 2 on Monday, Feb. 11. It will be the last qualifying race for the State Championships, scheduled to be held at the Ski Park March 3-7.

The next community race will be the Paul Gianera Schuss, Saturday, March 8, followed by the family and business race on Sunday, March 9.

Further details on all races can be found at: or by calling Elizabeth Keane at 530-859-3700.