Dunsmuir's River Run: a beautiful challenge

Steve Gerace
The start of Dunsmuir Railroad Days River Run, Saturday morning, June 8, 2013.  Photo by Steve Gerace

Michael Cook, the day after his Mount Shasta High School graduation, got through the train that stopped everyone else and finished long before the other five milers in Saturday’s Dunsmuir Railroad Days River Run.

Cook finished a self-timed 32.31. All the other five-mile finishing times are distorted because of the train stoppage.

The event drew 83 runners and walkers for the five mile and two mile events combined, according to race director Dusty Miller.

A cross country and track distance runner in high school, Cook said he’s just beginning his summer training before heading to college at the University of Wyoming, where he plans to continue his running career after a red shirt year.

“I was feeling it from the first hill,” he said. “My legs aren’t fresh, but it was very fun. It’s a beautiful course, especially along the river. You can just look at the river and go with the current.”

Two much younger women runners approached 71 year old JoAnn Hall of Redding after the race praising her as an inspiration.

Hall said she started running just three years ago and qualified for the Boston Marathon the first time she tried.

She’s already one of the fastest runners in her age group in northern California and, according to race director Dusty Miller, was an age group winner in the California International Marathon earlier this year.

Women’s overall five-mile winner Tami Frisbie of Mount Shasta said the Railroad Days run is “a beautiful course along the river with uphills and flats and downhills.”

She said she heard the training coming and tried to beat it, but didn’t make it.

All the runners but Cook waited together until the train moved on, but it didn’t take Frisbie long to put some distance between herself and many of the others by the time she reached the finish line.

Chris Morzenti, who just finished his freshman year at Mount Shasta High School, was the over two-mile winner in 12:04.

Mallory Ward of Yreka High School was the overall female two-mile winner in 16:36.

Five mile women’s age group winners included Casey Clure of Mount Shasta, who finished 0.01 ahead of Risa Banks in the 30-39 women’s division; Abby Manley of Mount Shasta in the 10-19; and former Mount Shasta resident Jenevieve Crawford in the 20-29 division.

Five mile men’s age group winners included Rob Harryman of Mount Shasta in the 30-39 division.

Two mile men’s age group winners included Albert Castro of Mount Shasta in the 60-69 division; and JJ Walker of Mount Shasta, age 3, in the 1-9 division.

Two mile women’s age group winners included Suzanne Jordan of Mount Shasta in the 60-69 division; Kathi Emerson of Mount Shasta in the 50-59 division; Patti Ristuccia of Weed in the 40-49 division; and Maya Ristuccia in the 1-9 division.

Women 5-mile

Overall – Tami Frisbie, Mount Shasta.

70-79 – 1st, JoAnn Hall, 71, Redding, 45:25; 2nd, Carolyn Ward, 72, Redding, 56:32.

50-59 – 1st, Lee Ann Paul, 54, Yreka, 42:04; 2nd, Jenine Hoisington, 50, Montague, 44:30; 3rd, Valarie Wiley, 50, Yreka, 46:30.

40-49 – 1st, Tami Frisbie, 45, Mount Shasta, 40:38; 2nd, Sheri Richmond, 47, Redding, 42:32; 3rd, Monica Mais, 43, Mount Shasta, 45:43.

30-39 – 1st, Casey Clure, 31, Mount Shasta, 44.27; 2nd, Risa Banks, 31, Mount Shasta, 44.28; 3rd, Anna De la Fuente, 31, Weed, 45:16.

20-29 – 1st, Jenevieve Crawford, 29, Redding, 46:29.

10-19 – 1st, Abby Manley, 15, Mount Shasta, 46:29.

Men 5-mile

Overall – Michael Cook, Mount Shasta.

70-79 – 1st, Glenn Reed, 74, Shasta, 59:35.

60-69 – 1st, King Wayman, 63, Redding, 44:49; 2nd, Mike Warde, 69, Plantation, Fla., 50:10; 3rd, James Smith, 61, Red Bluff, 52:04.

50-59 – 1st, Al Masterson, 56, Redding, 41:46; 2nd, Bernie Paul, 55, Yreka, 52:23; 3rd, Brian Warren, 51, Mount Shasta, 52:36.

40-49 – 1st, Frank Ward, 49, Yreka, 40:22; 2nd, Larry Davis, 48, Redding, 42:40.

30-39 – 1st, Rob Harryman, 34, Mount Shasta, 45:32; 2nd, Jose Gonzalez, 38, Redding, 45:33; 3rd, Marcus Nova, 30, Dunsmuir, 46:56.

10-19 – 1st, Michael Cook, 18, Mount Shasta, 33:16; 2nd, Isaac Fernandez, 13, Yreka, 40:43; 3rd, Wesley Navarre, 17, Mount Shasta, 43:34.

Women 2-mile

Overall – Mallory Ward, Yreka.

60-69 – 1st, Suzanne Jordan, 62, Mount Shasta, 21:28; 2nd, Beverly Ward, 68, Plantation, Fla., 39:04.

50-59 – 1st, Kathi Emerson, 52, Mount Shasta, 21:27; 2nd, Dianne Hasemeyer, 50, Greenview, 23:07; 3rd, Judy Crawford, 58, Mount Shasta, 29:34.

40-49 – 1st, Patti Ristuccia, 43, Weed, 22:03; 2nd, Alicia Alvarado, 40, Redding, 36:27; 3rd, Michelle Ward, 36, Yreka, 37:12.

30-39 – 1st, Amy Madron, 37, Redding, 27:37.

20-29 – 1st, Michele Anderson, 22, Redding, 27:36.

10-19 – 1st, Mallory Ward, 14, Yreka, 16:36; 2nd, Caroline Ristuccia, 14, Weed, 19:36; 3rd, Maria Parsons, 15, Dunsmuir, 21:49.

1-9 – 1st, Maya Ristuccia, 9, Weed, 21:12; 2nd, Jessa Walker, 6, Mount Shasta, 29:34; 3rd, Jenna Walker, 1, Mount Shasta, 29:34.

Men 2-mile

Overall – Chris Morzenti, Dunsmuir.

60-69 – 1st, Albert Castro, 63, Mount Shasta, 23:28.

30-39 – 1st, Mark Thomas, 39, Montague, 31:25.

10-19 – 1st, Chris Morzenti, 14, Dunsmuir, 12:04; 2nd, Zach Haverty, 13, Anderson, 15:59.

1-9 – 1st, JJ Walker, 3, Mount Shasta, 29:34; 2nd, Hunter Harryman, 5, Mount Shasta, 32:31; 3rd, Gabriel Gonzalez, 7, Redding, 33:05.