South Siskiyou majors champs: Padres powered-up

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
The Mount Shasta Padres won this year's South Siskiyou Little League majors championship and made it to the final four in the regional Tournament of Champions. Left to right in front are team members Malachy Bryan, Trenton Dodds, John Latos, Adam Domanski, Logan Scholberg and Ian Allen. In back left to right are assistant coach Jeff Scholberg, manager Marty Bryan, team members Seth Young, Jackson May, Adison Zanni and Asher Aguirre, and assistant coaches Ed Domanski and Jeff Allen.

The Mount Shasta Padres displayed a potent offense on their way to winning the majors championship during the 2014 South Siskiyou Little League season.

Manager Marty Bryan said six different players contributed to the Padres’ total of 16 home runs in 14 games.

They finished the season 11-3 overall, including a win over the Mount Shasta Orioles in the league tournament championship game.

The Padres had the best record among south county teams during the regular season and were the only team to defeat the Yreka A’s.

Ian Allen threw a 61-pitch complete game against the A’s. The left-hander also threw an 81-pitch complete game against the Orioles, Bryan said.

The Padres made it to the final four in the season-ending regional Tournament of Champions, with an assist from a bye and a cancellation.

Bryan said the Padres played “a great game” in the TOC semifinals against Shasta Dam. They scored 4 runs in the top of the 6th to take a one-run lead before losing 6-5.

Bryan said he “drafted for attitude” and wound up with guys who “can play ball, too... They were a good-natured team. They were always loose; there was no negativity toward each other or other teams.”

Logan Scholberg led the power hitters on the team with 6 home runs during the season, while Malachy Bryan hit 4, and Adison Zanni 3.

Ian Allen, Seth Young and Jackson May hit 1 home run each.

Also playing for the Padres were Trenton Dodds, John Latos, Adam Domanski and Asher Aguirre.

Bryan said he and the players were fortunate to have “three committed parents” who served as assistant coaches: Jeff Scholberg, Ed Domanski and Jeff Allen.

“That makes a huge difference when your trying to help kids,” Bryan said. “It was quite helpful.”

Bryan’s involvement in baseball in the area dates back to his years as an assistant coach with his brother Dave. Players they coached back then in Babe Ruth Baseball are now coaches, including Jason Ferguson and Jacob Barr.

Now Ferguson is coaching the Little League all-star team that is scheduled to begin competing after the 4th of July, and Bryan is helping him.