New game on familiar course: Whing golf introduced in Mount Shasta

Paul Boerger
Cheryl and Jerry 'whing' golf balls down the driving range during the May 23 Whing golf introduction at Mount Shasta Resort. “It's different,” Jerry said. “I can throw it straighter than golf.”

The Mount Shasta Resort is now offering Whing golf and, judging by the fun had during Saturday’s introduction, it could end up being a less expensive and entertaining way of getting in 18 holes.

Resort co-owner John Fryer explained that the “whinger” is an arm assisted golf ball throwing device. The ball is snugged into the end of a plastic arm and launched down the fairway with a throwing motion.

Near the green, players may simply throw the ball by hand. Putting on the green is the same as golf.

Resort promotional material notes advantages of Whing golf, such as: it’s fun and good exercise; it’s less complex and easier to learn than golf; the equipment is less expensive; and it can be played on existing golf courses.

Fryer said Whing golf has the potential to solve “some of the inherent problems facing golf courses... Older players are disappearing from the courses and the young aren’t embracing the game. We needed to come up with a way to use the course and not disturb the flow of traditional golf. The rules are identical to golf and Whing golf is non-injurious to the course.”

He said Whing golf is considerably less expensive than golf at $18 per round. Whingers and putters are available for rent.

Whing golf introductory clinics will be given every Wednesday starting at 5:30 p.m.

From a business perspective, the Resort sees Whing golf as being able to attract a larger segment of the population, providing better course utilization, adding customers for the pro shop, restaurant and lodging, and increasing revenue while being less destructive to the turf.

Resort head golf pro Rod Sims is on board for the game. “It really looks like fun,” he said.

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