Grenada Elementary students learn skills to last through days of COVID

Bill Choy
Siskiyou Daily News
Grenada Elementary School runners take part in a running activity.

When school began the end of August at Grenada Elementary School, kids that are part of the cross country team began to take part in skill-building activities.

Head coach Shannon Cash said that overall things had “been going really well.”

“It hasn’t been difficult to meet the COVID social distance requirements,” she added. “I have a great group of kids this year that are eager to learn and do everything I ask of them in regards to wearing facial coverings and staying six feet apart.”

A total of 27 students in 4th to 8th grade are participating.

Cash said the focus of the activities is to give the runners the skills they need to continue training during distance learning.

The last day of in-school classes was Friday with distance learning starting at on Monday for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Cross Country activities began with warm-up exercises, stretches, interval training, and nutrition.

Grenada Elementary School runners take part in a running activity.

The students also tested at their individual pace. The reason for this, Cash said, was so she could send them home with custom training plans.   

“These training plans will show them examples of the warm-up exercises and stretches they learned, along with their customized, individual interval training plan,” she said.

While things are still up in the air if they’ll  be able to compete this year, there is hope something will eventually take place.

“If the opportunity arises, and if they have been completing their training plans, then they will be ready,” Cash said. “They should be able to complete the meet successfully and without injury.”

To Cash, at the elementary and junior high XC running levels, it is important to “keep these students enjoying themselves while running and not to discourage them.” 

“I think it’s critical now, more than ever, to offer our students extracurricular activities to keep them active during distance learning,” Cash said.  “This is a difficult time and we are all experiencing some sort of frustrations.  These students are recognizing how good they feel after a workout.  I hope they continue to turn to exercise during distance learning to help them stay positive.”

Cash added that the Siskiyou County Athletic League hasn’t met yet this year to discuss the season.  

“It will be challenging for anyone to host a meet and meet current COVID regulations,” she said.