This baseball camp is especially for 7 and 8-year-olds

Bill Choy
Mount Shasta Herald
T-ballers will have the chance to learn more about the game of baseball at a camp just for 7 and 8-year-olds this month.

A baseball camp specifically designed to help 7 and 8-year-olds learn the sport will be held later this month in Weed.

The Elite 8 Training Academy Baseball Camp 2021 is scheduled June 14-17 and June 21-24. Games will be played on June 25 and 26. The camp will be held at Lobis Field in Weed. Hours are from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and the cost is $75 per person. 

The camp will teach kids these skills:

• Throwing:   Learn how to throw with proper body mechanics that will help players throw more accurately and powerfully and to prevent arm injuries in the future.

• Catching: Learn when to use one hand and when to use two hands. Participants will be playing lots of different kinds of catch so players improve their depth perception and coordination.

• Hitting: Emphasis will be on building good habits so as players move up in the game they don't have bad habits to break. Learn how not only to have a good swing but how to become a good hitter.

• Knowledge of the game: What is tagging up? What is an infield fly? What is a force play? When do I have to tag the runner?

The camp is being run by Todd Carson, who responded to a few questions about the camp, and why he decided to coordinate it in Siskiyou County.

Q: Todd, what made you decide to hold the camp?

A: After missing a year due to the pandemic my son and his teammates had such a great time playing this season in the coach pitch division of South Siskiyou Little League. It seemed like such a shame that it had to end and a camp seemed like a great way to keep the kids playing who wanted to.

Q: What do you hope the kids come away from taking part in the camp?

A: In coach pitch, the kids are just getting a taste of how fun the game of baseball can be. They are just beginning to understand how to succeed at the game. They had such a good time this Spring and they seem hungry to learn more. In these two weeks of the camp my hope is that their love of the game will grow. When kids love the game they begin to work at it on their own, and magic happens. Their growth becomes exponential. 

As we gradually introduce the baseball concepts of outs and innings and winning and losing, the thrill of competition only increases their joy for the game. Then, the drills and teaching we do make sense to them. They see it as a way to have that winning feeling more often, so they want more drills and teaching which is exactly where we want them. Loving something to the point where you enjoy the work that it takes to be good is an experience that can bring a lot of fulfillment to one's life. 

Q: What is your experience coaching baseball?

I began coaching as a teenager and haven't stopped. I coached in youth leagues, in travel ball and was head coach at the high school varsity level for six years when I lived in southern California. Most recently I coached my younger son and oldest daughter on their t-ball team and helped Josh Oates with my older son in coach pitch.

Q: Who else will be helping out at the camp?

I've asked Josh Oates, who coaches the Weed High School  baseball team to help out at the camp, and if he is in town he will be there. I'd love to get some of the SSLL coach pitch coaches out there, too. I was really impressed with the job they did with the kids this spring, so the campers would be fortunate to have some of them out there as well.  

To sign-up for the camp and for more information, go to or contact Carson at