The Lesson Tee: When in Scotland – or on any course, anywhere – keep the ball low

Ben Alexander
The Lesson Tee

Hello my fellow golfers. Wow – it's hot! This is the time of year I really miss Monterey and all the years I was the PGA Pro in Pebble Beach, where it was 65 degrees at this time of the year.

Well, over in England last week they had the same weather and a little tournament called the Open. Now most people call it the British Open but it's actually the Open and this year I think it's around the 124th Open played. Let's see, that's back in the late 1800s when they first started playing it.

Ben Alexander

Now when you watch it on TV you will see a golf course that looks like a cow pasture, which is the norm for courses there, and back a few years ago our teaching staff from our Pebble Beach golf school flew over to Scotland and had a 10 day golf trip playing all of the golf courses where the Open is played.

We learned very quickly is you must hit a low shot short of the green and let the ball run up to the green, rather than trying to fly the shot to the hole.

My tip of the week is to keep the ball with a lower ball flight. Put the ball back in your stance a few inches, hit the shot but don't let your hands get any higher than shoulder height on the back swing, In the follow through, keep your hands low: no higher than shoulder height.

What this will do keep the ball low.

Now, I know most of you will not have the opportunity to play golf in Scotland, although if you get the chance, take it.

If you're playing golf anywhere in the states and you have an opening to land short of the green, let the ball roll up to the green play the lower shot. This will keep the odds in your favor rather than going high.

Have fun, and I'll see ya on the first tee.