The Lesson Tee: Practice really does make perfect. Or better, at least.

Ben Alexander, PGA teaching professional
The Lesson Tee
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I was out on the golf course with a good friend yesterday and it's always great to share golf with a good friend.

As our round progressed he hit a lot of good golf shots, and like all of us, a few bad ones. But what caught my interest was he was trying really hard to play good golf and as we talked a little bit in between shots he told me something.

Ben Alexander

He said he really doesn't practice on the driving range or on the short game practice area, which is chipping putting and sand trap. Now, I get it that most of you work full time jobs, like he does, which of course limits your time. But here is my tip of the week, which my mentor gave me years ago.

If you're going to play golf, you want to play well. So the formula is, play on the golf course twice and practice on the practice area once. When you're on the golf course, your round of golf will let you know what area of your game you need to practice for lower scores.

Example: I hit my driver really well but my chipping was lousy. So on practice day, I'll get over to the chipping area and get some work done. 

As a PGA teaching professional in Pebble Beach for almost 30 years I learned one thing: if you're going to play golf, be patient, know your strengths and also your limitations. Play golf and get some practice time in.

Have fun and Ill see you on the first tee..