The Lesson Tee: Practice the tough shots, not just the easy ones. Here's why

Ben Alexander, PGA teaching professional
The Lesson Tee
Ben Alexander

The Ryder Cup is this week, and watching it is always so much fun – although I only watch segments of it as there is so much TV coverage.

As most golfers know, the Ryder Cup,is the American team playing against the European team and the tournament is only held every two years. This year is the 43rd event.  

I have a little trivia question for ya: Who runs owns and conducts the Ryder Cup event? The answer is at the end of this column.

As I was watching the greatest players in the world hit bad shots at times it reminded me of a lot of players who play golf for fun on the weekends. Hitting golf shots in the water, the sand and the rough are tough, but the big difference with the PGA pros is most of the time they get out of trouble situations without wasting a lot of shots.

The pros practice trouble shots where the weekend player never gets any practice on trouble shot situations. So my tip of the week is this: Next time you practice, hit the shot from a trouble area rather than the best conditions. Practicing these trouble shots will keep the scores lower for you and let you enjoy the game more

By the way, the trivia question answer: My organization, PGA Of America.

Have fun and I'll see ya on the first tee!

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