THE LESSON TEE: Golf is a game that you can play for life

Ben Alexander

Golf is a game you can play for a lifetime. When we were younger, many of us played a variety of sports like baseball, football and fast running contact sports. But as we get a bit older it becomes tougher to stay in the game. Golf, on the other hand, you can play from the time you start walking until you get older.

I’ve been asked over the years, “I’ve seen golf on TV and it looks really fun. How do I get started?”

First, don’t go out and buy a set of golf clubs or borrow a hand me down set from dad. The best way to get started is to find one used golf club – preferably a pitching wedge or a nine iron – to start with the basics.

Go out to your local driving range, get a bucket of golf balls and just start swinging the club, hitting golf balls to get a feel of the game.

Have fun. Always remember golf is a game and to have fun.

The best way to learn is with one club, hitting short shots on the driving range to start slowly learning basic fundamentals from a qualified instructor.

Men’s golf clubs are longer and heavier, while women’s clubs are lighter and a little shorter in length. Kid’s golf clubs are light and much shorter.

One of the big mistakes I’ve seen over the years is dad will give his heavier, longer clubs to the kids or the other half, sometimes cutting them down in length. Ladies and kids will struggle with the wrong set of clubs. Men struggle as well with the wrong set and can have trouble hitting quality shots. They they’re not having fun and end up quitting the game.

Golfers of every level will need to get a club fitting down the road when their golf game starts to develop. So my tip of the week is to check with a PGA golf professional to get you on the right path with golf fundamentals such as swinging the club and hitting shots. But before you start, get one club – not a full set!

Have fun, and I will see you on the first tee...