State high school ski and snowboard races coming to Mt. Shasta

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Mount Shasta Herald

Qualifying local high school ski and snowboard racers will be competing against racers from all over California and Nevada in the CNISSF Championships to be held at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park March 3 to 7.

More than 300 skiers, snowboarders, coaches and parents will be in town for the event, which is scheduled to begin Sunday with a training day for the more than 150 snowboarders who qualified for the state championships.

A tentative list of state qualifiers for ski giant slalom and snowboard slalom from the North 1 Division includes:

Ski giant slalom

Mount Shasta: Mariah Althaus-Cressman, Shannon Keane, Christine Holst, Clayton Poore, Jarrod Althaus-Cressman, Weston Stroud, Spencer Posl, Harrison Keane, Tommy Hake, and Chad Mapes.

Weed: Andrew Matheson, Max Michelon and Clayton Mils

Yreka: Ashton Weed, Nicole Kishe, Jensen Amens, Mthew Wood, Chris Ogren, and Payson Collins.

Butte Valley: Lucas Ericson

Snowboard slalom

Mount Shasta: Margot Mattson, Tamara Howell, Chris Cazneaux, Obie Hamrick, Dominic Laiacona, and Chet Bolstridge.

Weed: Giordan Stenmark, Elizabeth Stensaas, Johanna Stensaas, Noah Gonzales, Brian Quigley, Spenser Stenmark, and Luke Hart.

Yreka: Markie Hanam, Zoe Restine, Brian Colla, Dylanger Guiterrez and Spencer Bruhns

Click here for photos of many of the top racers from Mount Shasta and Weed

Mount Shasta head coach Sheldon Criss said he feels the Bears will do all right and will have some fun next week. "We've got hard working kids. Some have been (practicing) three days a week," he said. "They've got themselves in good shape. We've preached fundamentals, and they're stable."

Weed head coach Nancy Quigley, whose boys and girls snowboard teams both placed first in league, said, "The Weed racers have been highly competitive and continually improving each week, which I believe will culminate in some excellent racing at championships."

In the North 1 league, on the ski side, Mount Shasta's boys finished first, followed by Yreka, Weed, and Butte Valley. Yreka girls were first and Mount Shasta second in skiing.

Weed and Butte Valley did not have girls ski teams. Combined points for the ski girls and boys teams put Yreka in first, Mount Shasta second, Weed third and then Butte Valley.

For the snowboard teams, Weed boys took first, Yreka second and Mount Shasta third. For the girls, Weed was first again, followed by Mount Shasta, then Yreka in third. Weed's combined scores put their snowboard team in first; Mount Shasta came in second, followed by Yreka in third. Butte Valley did not have a snowboard team.

Quigley said her athletes are competitive with each other, which has contributed to their success as a team. "It's been a great pleasure working with this group of athletes," she said. "They're highly respectful and responsible as well as talented in their sport."

Criss said senior Clayton Poore, Mount Shasta's boys' team captain, and Jarrod Althaus-Cressman have been working hard. Christine Holst and Mariah Althaus-Cressman are seniors on the girls ski team. "We're really going to miss them," said Criss. Mariah is all-team captain and practiced on-slope three days a week all season. The snowboard seniors are Margot Mattson, Chris Cazneaux and Obie Hamerick. Criss said Hamerick is competing on a race board this year.

Of the six competitions during the season, three are on a slalom course and three are on a giant slalom course. Racers must finish two races (completing two runs in each race) in a discipline to be eligible to qualify for the championships in that event. Every team is allotted three slots for the championships; however, additional racers finishing in the top ten may also qualify.

Quigley said that although they are still waiting on official results on some of the qualifiers, everyone on both Weed ski and snowboard teams qualified for at least one event.

Criss said the race crews are "working their tales off" to get ready for next week. The slalom course will be set on Red Tail, and GS course will start on Black Fox and cross over to end at the bottom of Red Tail. The scoreboard is being moved to the bottom of Red Tail so racers and spectators will be able to see their finish times.

The state race schedule (weather permitting) will be:

• Monday, March 4, 9:30 a.m., Snowboard Giant Slalom;

• Tuesday, March 5, 9:30 a.m., Snowboard Slalom. Snowboard awards will be at Mt. Shasta High School at 6 p.m. in the gym.

• Wednesday March 6, 9:30 a.m., Ski Giant Slalom;

• Thursday, March 7, 9:30 a.m., Ski Slalom. Ski awards will be on Thursday evening 6 p.m. in the Mt. Shasta High School Gymnasium.

The public is welcome to attend both the snowboard and skier awards ceremony. There are always a few surprises at the ceremony.

The public is also invited up to the Ski Park to cheer on local racers from Mount Shasta and Weed high schools who qualified to compete in the championships.