Mount Shasta hosts Fair Weather track and field meet today

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Mount Shasta junior Chris Morzenti, shown at the 2014 Fair Weather Meet, has the fastest 800 meter time in the Northern Section early in the 2015 season and the second fastest 1600 meter time. Mount Shasta High School's 2015 Fair Weather Meet is scheduled for Thursday, March 26.

Warm weather is forecast for today’s Fair Weather Meet at Mount Shasta High School.

Clear skies and temperatures reaching into the mid 70s are expected as track and field athletes from Mount Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir, Trinity, Burney, Butte Valley, Etna, Golden Eagle Charter, Happy Camp and Modoc high schools compete at Joe Blevins Memorial Stadium.

Both field and running events are scheduled to start at 2 p.m.

Below are articles about the Mount Shasta and Weed teams after they competed in Co-Ed Relays at Yreka High School Friday, March 20. The articles appear in the March 25 edition of the Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers.

Bears win 9 of 13 events in co-ed relays

Mount Shasta High School won 9 of the 13 events during Yreka High School’s Co-Ed Relays Friday in Yreka.

Sophia Ackerman-Mero was individually first in both shot put 30-04 and discus 94-5.

Coach Steve Nesheim said junior Preston Blakely “managed three events simultaneously.” He cleared a personal record 5-foot-6 in the high jump 5-6, went 36-3 in the triple jump 36-3, and tied his personal best in the pole vault at 12-feet.

“At one point he had a coach at each venue working with an official to keep his attempts alive,” Nesheim wrote in his weekly report. “By the time he went back and forth to all three for a couple of rounds he was pretty tired, but refused to give up any of his attempts.”

Mount Shasta High School’s Yreka High School Co-Ed Relays results

Shot Put

A Team – Ackerman-Mero, 30-4; Dunlap, 29-0; Moyer, 34-6, PR; Maumasi, 33-5.5.

B Team – Enright, 26-5; Hocker, 24-3.5; Heyden, 28-9, PR; Clark, 23-7.5.


A Team – Ackerman-Mero, 94-6; Dunlap, 79-8; Moyer, 86-3; Maumasi, 82-7, PR.

B Team – Enright, 93-7; Hocker, 80-9.

Long Jump

A Team – Moyer, 14-9; Benedict, 11-7.5; Clemens, 17-9; Bryan, 18-6.

B Team – Cartwright, 10-6; Reyes, 16-9.25; Maumasi, 15-5.

Triple Jump

A Team – Dunlap, 28-4.25; Moyer, 29-10.75; Bryan, 39-4.5; Blakely, 36-3.5.

High Jump

A Team – Lujan K., 4-8, PR; Manley, 4-6; Clemens, 5-4; Blakely, 5-6, PR.

Pole Vault

A Team – Moyer, 9-6; Lujan K., 8-0, PR; Blakely, 12-0; Bryan, 11-6.

B Team – Bray, 5-6; Lujan, J., 5-0, PR; Anderson, 10-0; Olguin, 7-0, PR.

4x100 Relay

A Team – Andrus, Benham, Dunlap, Clemens, 49.7.

B Team – Hough, Olguin, Chang, Barton, 53.5.

Distance Medley Relay

A Team – Manley, 1200, 4:36.1; Miller, 800, 2:16.4; Andrus, 400, 65.9; Morzenti, 1600, 4:28.7; team total, 12:27.1.

4x200m Relay

Team A – Chang, Benham, Gough, Olguin, 1:53.8.

Team B – Hilleary, Schwartz, Luquin, Vang.

4x200 Hurdles

A Team – Moyer, 32.2; Lujan K., 33.7; Bryan, 28.7; Barton, 29.3.

B Team – Vasquez, 42.0; Bray, 37.5; McElhiney, 34.6; Rhodes, 41.6.

Sprint Medley Relay

A Team – Hough, 200; Benham, 100; Chang, 100; Anderson, 400, PR, 54.3.

B Team – Chang, 200; Olguin, 100; Hilleary, 100; Herring, 400.

4x800m Relay

A Team – Domanski, Herring, Redelsperger, Anderson, 3:12.7.

4x400 Relay

A Team – Andrus, 66.9; Miller, 54.1, PR; Manley, 68.8, PR; Morzenti, 53.1; team total, 4:02.8.

B Team – Hilleary, 74.6; Reyes, 64.8; Luquin, 78.2; Eoff, 64.3; team total, 4:41.8.

Cougar track athletes show early season ‘grit’

After Friday’s performances at the Yreka Co-Ed Relays, Weed High School track and field coach Dan DeRoss said, “Overall, I’m very proud of the performances and the ‘grit’ of the team early in the season.”

At Yreka:

Max Michelon placed first in the pole vault with a personal record of 12'6". He also placed third in the shot put with a throw of 36'3".

Mallory Pappas placed first in the long jump and triple jump with jumps of 15'0" and 31'9.5" respectively.

Rashaan Broomfield placed first in the long jump with a fine jump of 20'6" He also place second in the high jump with a jump of 5'8".

“Our kids performed very well in the relay events they were in,” said Weed coach Dan DeRoss.

Weed placed second in the first heat of the 4x100 relay, just getting nipped by Yreka. That relay team consisted of Shannon Jackson (9th grade girl), Elijah Walker (12th grade boy), Mallory Pappas (12th grade girl) and Rashaan Broomfield (12th grade boy).

The other 4x100 relay team would have placed second in their heat, but was DQ’d because of a lane violation. “Nonetheless they ran well,” DeRoss said. That team included Liz Ebrahimy (12th grade girl), Max Michelon (12th grade boy), Samantha Donaldson (12th grade girl), and Rick Van Barren (10th grade boy).

Weed also place second in the 4x200 relay which consisted of Shannon Jackson, Elijah Walker, Samantha Donaldson and Rashaan Broomfield.

DeRoss said “Hicaru Sato, Shannon Jackson, Spenser Stenmark and Brandy Fernandes all completed very well in the hurdle events.

Members of the 2015 Weed High School track and field team are:

Max Michelon, Spenser Stenmark, Andrew Matheson, Vivek Prasad, Taran Miller, Rick Van Barren, Kyle Gonzales, Aaron Dickson, Elijah Walker, Hikaru Sato, Richard Rivera, Rashaan Broomfield, Sammy Donaldson, Mallory Pappas, Alaina Robles, Shannon Jackson, Skye Berstein, Elizabeth Ebrahimy, Brandy Fernandes, Giordan Stenmark and McKenna Crabill.