Records set at Headwaters Trail Run

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Mount Shasta Herald
#4 Courtney Chase of Mount Shasta, eventual Women's 50k winner, trailed by #49, Richters Warnick of Klamath Falls, a top five overall 50k finisher in the Headwaters Trail Run last Saturday.

Two new course records were set at the third annual Headwaters Trail Run at Lake Siskiyou Saturday, August 22.

Fifty-five runners started the 10k and all finished, according to a press release from race director Gerad Dean.

The new records in the women’s and men’s races were set by Joanna Beem of Weed in 45:41 and James Varner of Wenatchee, Wash. in 43:04, respectively.

Christina Archer, 28, of Chico, was the women’s second place winner in 49:34 and Andrea Purtzer, 27, of Redding, rounded out the women’s 10k top three in 49:51.

The men’s 10k second spot was earned by Andy Dean, 45, of Etna, in 45:08 and third place went to Benjamin Stern, 24, of Arcata, in 45:41.

The youngest 10K runners were two 16 year old Mount Shasta residents. Nickolas Schwartz finished in 57:20 and Jule Reiter in 1:18:31.

Forty-four Runners started the 50k and 32 finished.

The woman’s 50k was won by Courtney Chase, 42, of Mount Shasta, in 5:46:33.

Chase was followed by Jackie Russell, 31, of Davis, Calif. in 6:24:55; and third place went to Lauren Steinheimer, 32, of Mount Shasta, in 7:03:06.

Saravanan Mylsamy, 40, of Klamath Falls, Ore., won the men’s 50k race in a time of 4:50:10.

Second place in the men’s 50k went to Ryan Sorenson, 26, of Mount Shasta, in 4:57:21; and third went to Skyler Mills, 26, of Sebastopol, in 5:00:45.

Headwaters Trail Run’s first recorded international finisher was Thomas Davies, 33, of Vancouver, British Columbia in 6:57:24.

Other local top age group finishers of the 10K include Melanie Obst, 34, of Mount Shasta, in 50:20; Mariah McPherson, 37, of Mount Shasta, in 53:02; Risa Shannon, 34, of Mount Shasta, in 54:30; Anthony Stringi, 42, of Weed, in 50:56; Keith Potts, 44, of Mount Shasta, in 52:28; Lee Ann Paul, 56, of Yreka, in 51:55; Neil Jacobs, 64, of Mount Shasta, in 1:09:35; Angela Beem, 61, of Weed, in 1:12:43.

The oldest 10K finisher was Gayle Veale, 73, of Yreka, who finished in 1:18:09.

Other local top 50K age group finishers include Casey Clure, 33, of Mount Shasta, in 7:21:59 and Paul Schwartz, 51, of Mount Shasta, in 7:03:12.

The oldest 50K finisher was June Gessner, 62, of Eureka, Calif., who finished in 7:28:32.

For a complete list of Headwaters race results, see http://www.headwatersultra.com/results.html

Approximately 70 volunteers were on hand from as far away as Portland, Ore. and Sacramento to provide support for the nearly 100 runners who participated in this year’s race.

The Headwaters Trail Run is a project of the Associated Charitable Resource of Southern Siskiyou (ACROSS), and is provided under special use permit from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and Siskiyou County Flood Control District, as well as special accommodations by the Lake Siskiyou Camp-Resort.