Weed Bocce League updated 2019 results

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The Weed Bocce League plays its games every Tuesday night at the Bel Air Park bocce courts. The 2019 season began in June and the season will conclude Sept. 3. There are 20 teams in the league this year, and each team plays each other once. The league began play in 2010 and has been going ever since.


Son of a Bocce 13-3

5 Italians & an Okie 13-4

Bocce Barracudas 11-5

Giacomelli's 11-5

Over the Hill Gang 10-5

Fire Widows 10-6

Low Hanging Bocce 9-7

Mixed Nuts 9-7

One Hit Wonders 8-8

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 8-8

Bowling Ballers 8-8

The Ladies of the 80's 7-8-1

La Bocce Vita 6-8-1

Weed Rollers 6-10

Total Beocces 6-10

NU Throwers 6-10

Descendants 5-9

Saucy Balls 5-11

Fuhgetabocce!!! 5-11

Ship of Fools 1-14