More than 200 take to water, land for Tinman Triathalon

Dave Sjostedt
Tinman Triathlon participants take off from the Lake Siskiyou Marina early Sunday morning

Proving that 50 is the new 30, a couple of elders from Chico won the men’s and women’s races at the Tinman Triathlon Sunday morning at Lake Siskiyou.

Forty-nine year old Joanne Gilchrist from the Chico Tri-Club repeated her 2018 win, finishing in 1:30:41, 10 seconds faster than last year. In a quirk in the new “wave” starting system, she was not the first woman to cross the finish line.

Gilchrist started in the fourth wave, five minutes later than Natalie Abrahamsen of Redding who clocked a 1:33:01 time. Gilchrist made up 2:20 of the 5-minute head start, enough to record the fastest time but not enough to break the tape.

Fellow Chico triathlete, 56 year-old Gregory Watkins, won the men’s race, though he too did not break the tape. His winning time of 1:20:35 edged Ben Harter of Eugene, Oregon by 17 seconds, but Watkins finished almost five minutes later, confusing some spectators.

Nathan Parker of Mount Shasta came in sixth and Ben Stern of Weed was seventh to top local finishers.

Locals who won their age-groups included Stern, 25-29; John Spaulding, 40-49; Peter Robbert, 50-54; and Alan Torrogino, 60-64.

The triathletes swam 740 yards, cycled 16 miles, and finished with a 3.2 mile trail run. Several triathlon veterans estimated the water temperature to be in the low 70s. The smoke-free skies and cool temperatures made for ideal conditions for the grueling event.

Bobby Smith of Weed finished first in the duathlon in 1:35:07. Duathletes ran 3.2 miles, cycled 16 miles, and then ran the 3.2 mile course again.

A total of 202 individuals and teams finished the triathlon and 17 completed the duathlon in the smoothly run event, though the organizers might consider seeding some of the faster older triathletes into the first wave for their gender so they can run head-to-head with their competition.

Siskiyou County finishers

Female, triathlon

30-34 9. Liza Knight, Mt. Shasta, 2:57:11

35-39 6. Emily Towers, Weed, 2:12:58

50-54 5. Emma Lauritson, Mt. Shasta, 1:47:57

60-64 3. Linda Braxton, Weed, 2:36:29

Male, triathlon

25-29 1. Ben Stern, Weed, 1:29:01

30-34 2. Nathan Parker, Mount Shasta, 1:27:04

35-39 4. Jean Phillipe Jesti, Mount Shasta, 1:40:40

40-44 1. John Spaulding, Mount Shasta, 1:38:26

6. Ryan Galbraith, Mount Shasta, 1:51:54

10. Rob Harryman, Mount Shasta, 2:06:33

45-49 4. Mark Clifford, Mount Shasta, 1:45:53

9. Corby Fuggit, Mount Shasta, 1:57:21

50-54 1. Peter Robbert, Mount Shasta, 1:40:13

9. Mike Bradley, Mt. Shasta, 2:10:28

60-64 1. Alan Torrogino, McCloud, 1:37:46

70-99 2. Tim Stearns, Mount Shasta, 2:07:24


2. Bobby Smith (first individual, first finisher was relay team) Weed, 1:35:07

15, 16 & 17 Cristin and Hunter Harryman and Xander Fugitt, Mount Shasta, all finishing in 3:13:54


1. Carricol, Mount Shasta, 1:49:5

2. Team Hope, Mount Shasta, 1:52:17 4. Jenny, Mary, Sally, Mount Shasta, 1:53:27