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News to know

President Barack Obama on Thursday made clear his policy on the Middle East in a speech to the U.S. State Department. Here are the key points:

- The U.S. is forgiving $1 billion in debt that Egypt owes, and the U.S. will give another $1 billion in aid.

- Israel and Palestine should abide by the borders established in 1967.

- A “comprehensive trade and investment partnership initiative in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Quote of note

"There are a long line of brilliant people who, through intricate calculations, have made predictions about the end of the world. Unfortunately they have overlooked the obvious words of Jesus: 'You do not know the day or the hour' of such events." - Pastor Joseph Fuiten, talking to the Seattle Times about how most Christians don’t believe the Rapture will take place Saturday, as Family Radio’s Harold Camping has prophesied.

Hot video

You’ve never seen a movie trailer like this – a man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a theater. Watch it below:


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