Are you looking to get outside and get active this summer, but running, swimming, softball and other traditional forms of recreation aren’t your thing? How about trying disc golf, cornhole, ladder golf, croquet or bocce.

Are you looking to get outside and get active this summer, but running, swimming, softball and other traditional forms of recreation aren’t your thing?

Well, don’t give up on it, because there are plenty of things one can do to stay active, competitive and to just have fun this season.

Here are five semi-untraditional games built for just about anyone that can add a bit of excitement to your summer.

Disc golf

If you know how to play golf, then guess what, you know how to play disc golf. The Frisbee-based sport follows the same set of rules as the popularized ball game, with players tossing tee shots that eventually lead up to a green that features a basket serving as the hole. As is in conventional golf, the lowest score wins, so make sure you get your disc to the basket in as few tosses as possible. And here’s the best part: all you need to play the game is a Frisbee and a course.


Gaining popularity in recent years, cornhole is an easy-to-play game that is fun for anyone. Similar to horseshoes and lawn darts, cornhole is a scored game played between two sides, usually of one or two players on each side. All that’s needed are eight corn bags, or beanbags, and two cornhole platforms placed facing 30-feet apart. The platforms are built on a slope and have a circular hole cut out in the center. By tossing a bag in the hole, a team is awarded three points, whereas bags that land and stay on the platform earn one point. Any bag that fails to land on the platform receives zero points. The first team to 21 points earns bragging rights or whatever prize the competitors put up. For more information, visit the American Cornhole Association’s website at

Ladder golf

Like trash talking? Well then ladder golf is the game for you, as even the game’s official site,, promotes insult slinging in its rules of the game. It’s a simple concept, similar to cornhole, where there are two teams of two or more players on each team. Players throw their three golf ball bolas, which are two golf balls attached by a nylon rope, at a ladder-like structure that features a top, middle and bottom bar. The object is to get your bola to wrap around one of the ladder’s steps. The top step is worth three points, the middle is worth two and the bottom earns one point, with the first player to reach 21 winning. Here’s the catch: you have to score exactly 21 points to win. So if you have 18 points, you need to come out of the next round with only three points for a win. Anything more does not count and leaves you stuck at 18. For more information, visit


For those interested in a classier outdoor game, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true favorite of croquet. The game usually is played in teams, with two or three members on each side. The point is for one team to use a mallet to hit their ball through the wickets and into the stake(s) before their opponent does. Shots alternate, but the rules allow the opportunity to earn bonus shots, such as when one makes a shot through a wicket or if one strikes another ball, which is known as a roquet. For more information, visit the United States Croquet Association’s website at


Bocce is set up to be played either one-on-one, or in teams of two, three or four, so you never have too little or too many players to field a game. All the participants need are four balls for each team, eight in total, and a jack or pallino ball, which is the target ball. The game starts when one team puts the pallino in play, and then teams try and place their bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible. For each ball a team has closer than its opponent, a point is awarded. Games are traditionally played to 12 points. For more information, visit the United States Bocce Federation’s website at