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News to know

A 63-year-old man suspected in a 1976 murder was arrested after cold case investigators were able to get his DNA through a phony “chewing gum survey.” The man, Gary Sanford Raub, is charged with killing a 70-year-old woman in Maine almost 40 years ago.

Quote of note

"My family and I have devoted our lives to the work of the foundation and that will not change. We plan to continue our service to the foundation and the cancer community. We will remain active advocates for cancer survivors and engaged supporters of the fight against cancer." – Lance Armstrong, talking Wednesday after he stepped down as chairman of his Livestrong foundation. Armstrong, who will remain on the board of directors, is under intense scrutiny after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency last week released what it said was overwhelming evidence that Armstrong had doped himself and led a doping program. Also Wednesday, Nike dropped its endorsement contract with Armstrong.

Hot video: AP fact check: Stumbles in presidential debate

An AP fact check found both President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney didn't paint a complete picture when discussing taxes and spending. 


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