Homestyle restaurant chain Boston Market just launched its rewards system, and the premise is simple enough. Earn a point for every dollar spent at the restaurant, start earning rewards as soon as you hit 30 points (which will get you a free side, dessert or soda).

But if you have a big passion for Boston Market, a few thousand dollars lying around or an unfulfilled dream of literally swimming in a pool of macaroni and cheese, then the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program is your godsend. 

Be the first to accumulate 10,000 points — which means spending $10,000 at the chain, if you needed a reminder — and Boston Market will reward you with 2,000 pounds of your favorite Boston Market side(s). 

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As the restaurant chain notes, you can enjoy the fruits (or steamed vegetables/cornbread/sweet potato casserole) of your Boston Market fueled-labor in a variety of ways. Either split the literal ton of food any which way (4,000 days of a single creamed spinach serving, four 500-pound servings on different dates, whatever) or just abandon all sense of reason and logic and order a 2,000-pound vat of mashed potatoes. 

Feasibly, with a little bit of planning, you could survive off of 2,000 pounds of Boston Market sides for months or even years. A quick Google search showed me that the average human eats about four pounds of food per day. Divide 2,000 pounds by a day's worth of food and you have 500 days of Boston Market side dish meals, free and all planned out for you. 

If you're gunning for the big prize, you have until Dec. 31, 2020, to be the first to earn 10,000 points, or 479 days to spend $10,000 at Boston Market. 

Sign up for the Boston Market Rotisserie Rewards program through the chain's website or download the app. At the very least, you get a free cookie with your first purchase when you do.