If you find yourself hiding in the pantry to get away from family this holiday season, know you're probably not alone in the search for some peace on Earth. 

A survey commissioned by Motel 6 found that it only takes less than 4 hours before people need a break from socializing with family. 

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According to the survey, Americans are planning on spending an average of three and a half days with extended family this holiday. And people admit to finding ways to escape the holiday bustle — 25% said they have hidden in a relative's home for some time alone, and 37% have made an excuse to leave the house altogether. 

Some of the biggest stressors, according to the 2,000 Americans surveyed, include facing a lack of privacy (22%), family members annoying each other (20%) and drama between the family (20%). Plus, if you're not the one hosting, there's the stress of feeling like an imposition (19%) and having the house be too busy or loud (18%).

But even though it can be stressful or exhausting, 95% feel it’s important to spend the holidays with family. So when your nerves start to fray, remember: It's only a few days, and the pantry is a prime hiding spot.