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As we enter a new decade, join the celebration by watching people around the globe ring in the New Year.

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 Expected schedule of events:

• 1300GMT/8:00AM EASTERN: Sydney, Australia (midnight fireworks).

• 1500GMT/10:00AM EASTERN: Pyongyang, North Korea and Seoul, South Korea (bell tolls).

• 1600GMT/11:00AM EASTERN: Hong Kong (light show over harbour), China, and Taiwan.

• 1830GMT/1:30PM EASTERN Bangalore, India (celebrations).

• 1900GMT/2:00PM EASTERN: Islamabad, Pakistan (midnight fireworks).

• 2000GMT/3:00PM EASTERN: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (light show).

• 2100GMT/4:00PM EASTERN: Moscow, Russia (fireworks over Red Square).

• 2200GMT/5:00PM EASTERN: Athens, Greece. (fireworks at the Acropolis), Cape Town, South Africa (midnight fireworks), Beirut, Lebanon (midnight fireworks).

• 2300GMT/6:00PM EASTERN: Paris, France (light show/fireworks over the Arc de Triomphe).

• 2300GMT/6:00PM EASTERN: Berlin, Germany. (celebrations/fireworks at Brandenburg Gate).

• 2345GMT/6:45PM EASTERN: Edinburgh, UK (fireworks).

• 0000GMT/7:00PM EASTERN: London, UK (fireworks over Westminster location).

• 0200GMT/9:00PM EASTERN: Rio, Brazil (celebrations at Copacabana beach).

• 0500GMT/12:00 AM EASTERN: New York, USA (celebrations at Times Square).